Some time ago, one of the world’s top designers, Dieter Rams, came up with
ten timeless principles that can still be used today to assess just how good a design is. In partnership with XOJAY, allmyhomes has shown that new classic designs can be brought to life with an enthralling interplay of contrasts in architecture and location.

Good Design Is Innovative

Building for life in tomorrow’s world today is a challenge that the XO Residences face head on. They have a high-end look and feel in terms of interior design, home automation, and services. Never forget that new capabilities in technology give rise to innovative designs.


Good Design Makes a Product Useful

Design is not just all design for design’s sake. It has to be useful. That’s why these spacious apartments boast maximum comfort and handy features in the form of mobility and security concepts – all under a stunningly beautiful roof.


Good Design Is Aesthetic

We are influenced by the way things look more than we even realize. We are constantly interacting with objects and our surroundings. And their practical usability, appearance, feel, texture, and color all impact upon our sense of well-being. The three design lines – Raw, Vanity, and Island – cater to individual wants
and needs here.

Good Design Makes a Product Understandable

What could be better than having some extra space to play with? And there’s plenty of it in the mild climate of the Balearics. The open design of the XO Residences with gardens, roof terraces, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, TV, and pools clearly beckons you to step outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Good Design Is Unobtrusive

The finish of these residences is nothing short of luxurious. And yet it is subtly tucked away behind plain and simple exposed concrete, with clean lines and surfaces.

Good Design Is Honest

Good design does not oversell itself with ostentatious splendor. There isn’t any more to it than meets the eye. Or any less. The simple, minimalist industrial style of the XO Residences holds the promise of pure, unadulterated luxury. And it sure delivers on that promise.

Good Design Is Long Lasting

Buildings should be erected with eternity in mind. They should at the very least last for many a generation. After all, good design is long lasting. High quality standards for materials and manual labor create lasting value alongside the use of groundbreaking technology.

Good Design Is Thorough down to the Last Detail

Outstanding design is perfectly thorough and consistent. It has a hallmark that shines through and can be recognized instantly. Just like the unmistakable cubist style of Mallorca-based CMV Architects.

Good Design Is Environmentally Friendly

Approaching energy self-sufficiency, the XO Residences are leading the way when it comes to protecting
the environment and using resources responsibly and sparingly. Sustainable materials and state-of-the-art energy-saving technology with a dedicated geothermal heating and solar energy system and a rainwater collection system prove that one eye is firmly on the future with this project.

Good Design Is as Little Design as Possible

Form follows function. In other words, good design should be secondary to the purpose and practical use. Simple, clear designs allow for clarity and ease of use. The XO Residences are well on their way to becoming classic designs.