Workers spend around 75% of their day at the office. That’s why it’s so important that they have balance in their working day and a smile on their face. Here at allmyhomes, we are committed to striking the perfect work-life balance. Let’s look at just some of the ways we focus on improving our employees’ health and wellbeing.


We work with external partners to arrange regular health-focused days and sporting activities. For example, we take part in company marathons and soccer matches. We are also happy to provide sit/stand desks as required.


Office Treats

We provide tasty muesli every day and a fresh delivery of crunchy fruit several times a week for an extra boost of vitamins and fiber. There is a Jura coffee machine and water cooler in each of our kitchens.
Hot and cold drinks are therefore on tap all day long and at no cost.


Keeping Fit

We aim to weave exercise seamlessly into the working day by making it as active as possible. Our sports
room is available for a spot of meditation or yoga. Alternatively, you can relieve some stress by climbing the wall bars or giving the punch bag a beating. If team sports are your thing, check out the table tennis tables. And why not cycle to work? You can always park your bike in our cycle storage area at the office. 


Team Spirit

We are always arranging meetings so we can share knowledge and ideas. Our famous “International Friday” with food and drink from a different country each time, regular team events, communal lunch breaks, and,
of course, lavish parties give us plenty of opportunity to do just that. We round off the working week with a chilled beer on a Friday, a table tennis tournament, or a gaming session.