Think megastructures, the Walking City, and the Superstar city on the moon. That’s right – utopian cities have been on our radar since the Renaissance.
That doesn’t mean to say that they usually have any practical relevance, though. So what will cities be like in the future? How can we completely reinvent our concepts of living? The allmyhomes vision takes people as its starting point rather than individual residential buildings. 


Everyone has their own idea of what makes a home a home. And it rarely comes down to descriptions along the lines of four bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. In our modern society, we come across all kinds of new living situations, family models, and consumer trends, including sharing economy, patchwork and new work approaches. allmyhomes is able to use data and software to predict what people will want and make
sure that future concepts of living respond to those demands. Basically, allmyhomes is in a position to create everyone’s perfect home and build a city that everyone will want to live in. 


The Quality of Life Perpetuum Mobile


The allmyhomes platform seamlessly covers the entire chain of processes involved in real estate development projects. It presents a transparent overview of workflows, allows for dynamic planning, and collects a constant flow of information that allmyhomes then uses to keep coming up with better products. Products that are more efficient, environmentally friendly, and livable. It’s the perpetuum mobile when it comes to the quality of life. 


Every process at every stage of a project is continually being optimized on the basis of a growing pool of knowledge gleaned from data and thanks to our intelligent software. Key figures can be analyzed in great detail and in real time, allowing allmyhomes to find the perfect match in virtually no time at all. And this
helps to develop towns and cities where diversity is the new standard and where everyone is sure to find
their dream place to live.