A giant is rising up in the Steglitz-Zehlendorf district over in the leafy green suburbs to the southwest of Berlin. The “Steglitzer Kreisel” residential tower is being transformed into “ÜBerlin.” Allmyhomes is joining forces with the CG Gruppe to breathe new life into this icon, bringing new concepts of freedom to the city that once helped invent freedom.

Can you ever be individual enough in Berlin? If you want to witness the customization megatrend at its finest, just head to a big city. Every day, we have the freedom to decide who we want to be, what suits our lives, and how we want to be seen by others. We have never had fewer barriers holding us back. We have never had so many opportunities. New concepts of freedom were seized for many years when Berlin was a divided city and are still being rediscovered now. Over and over again. And it is this freedom that the ÜBerlin Tower is all about.

For many of us, our sense of freedom comes down to being able to make our own choices. Green or urban? Garden or city apartment? Together or alone? Ultra-modern or traditional? Luxurious or practical? Glamorous lobby or relaxed reception area? ÜBerlin has as many different faces as Berlin itself. And it is just as focused on the future.


Sky-High Freedom Knows No Bounds in ÜBerlin

The new facade doesn’t fail to impress with its streamlined silhouette, abundance of glass, and modern steel structure. In fact, it has transformed the tower into a landmark that can be seen from far and wide. After all,
it is one of Berlin’s tallest residential buildings.  It is home to 330 owner-occupied apartments, including nifty little numbers covering 31 square meters and spacious spaces spanning 315 square meters. There really is something for everyone here. These homes sit high above the city, boasting an impressive, unspoiled panoramic view.

Green terraces are perfect for a spot of urban gardening or a fancy dinner for business partners under the stars. Amenities like the 24/7 concierge service, high-end fittings and furnishings, and floor-to-ceiling penthouse windows all add to the freedom on offer here. Not to mention that the transport links are fantastic too. You can get to popular local recreation areas in no time at all. Plus, with the hospital, chemists and doctors within walking distance, health care is more than taken care of. Schloßstraße plays host to no end of cafés, shops, and cultural offerings for ultimate urban living right on the doorstep. You get more than a sense of freedom on each of the 29 floors. You can see it. And live it. Up in the sky in ÜBerlin.