Every single stage of a development project is complex in its own way. What is the right product? What is the best price? Is the marketing on point? Will the sales efforts prove successful? allmyhomes views the journey from vision to reality as an interconnected process. As an end-to-end service provided on the basis of software.


allmyhomes doesn’t have to speculate about which product concepts may or may not work out. A detailed project evaluation, and data-based pre-testing and market analyses provide crucial basic data and corresponding parameters that can be used to make informed business decisions. Allmyhomes can use
this information to identify target groups, product features, prices, and the ideal marketing campaign.
Or, in other words, a perfectly coordinated product concept. 


This is how allmyhomes develops award-winning creations and targeted marketing concepts. Precise positioning and inspiring branding are captured in materials optimized for all channels, including online, social media, and premium printed materials and exposés. And they are always tailored to the requirements of the target group in question. Data from previous projects and an ongoing performance analysis enable allmyhomes to pinpoint the most suitable sales opportunities.


Optimum sets of data are required here since the generation and management of qualified leads is a fundamental aspect of the services provided by allmyhomes. And the selection process here is constantly being optimized too. Pre-qualification keeps wasted resources and time to a minimum. Customers can
rely on top-quality leads that are tailored specifically to their projects and come with an excellent chance
of success. 


Every step of the process is linked together and the relevant key figures can be accessed at any point in real time via a personal dashboard. This level of transparency allows for quick decision-making and agile campaign management at every phase of a project. Friction and tension are reduced, costs are dropped,
and the speed is ramped up. This is a promise we make here at allmyhomes on our own behalf too.