Even the very best products in the world don’t sell themselves and even the top realtors out there can’t expect success every time. But when the two are brought together, the chances of success rise all round. Allmyhomes combines products with the most effective sales strategies and the ideal salesperson for every customer.


When it comes to sales, allmyhomes relies on software that brings everything together – just like with
data-based product development, pre-testing, and continually optimized marketing. With the right data,
the strengths of each salesperson can be identified in no time. Deals and reservations are analyzed and
made accessible to the real estate developer along with the time taken to respond when contact is first
made, appointment rate, and potential reasons for rejection. The allmyhomes platform can also combine
multiple sales for one project, thereby boosting the sales power.


Any leads that are generated through tailored marketing efforts are qualified ahead over the phone and using digital means. Any contact that is made by a potential buyer is directed to the right salesperson, who can help with the decision-making process. All in all, allmyhomes keeps an overview of the entire customer journey and offers a consistent and comprehensive brand experience. Sales staff are left to concentrate on offering advice and getting the job at hand done. Allmyhomes guides real estate developers, project developers, and potential buyers seamlessly through the whole process – all the way from generating leads to signing the sales contract. The ideal target groups and sales staff are specifically identified for each project, guaranteeing a perfect match every single time.