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StudioMUC: A New Urban Blend

Allmyhomes has joined forces with Schimpel & Winter to work on a project in the up-and-coming Gallus district in Frankfurt. The development reflects the diversity and fresh buzz in the neighborhood while cleverly combining exciting ways of living in an urban setting.

R.evo: Less Is More

By the year 2050, two thirds of people will be living in towns and cities. This already applies to over half of us, with 55 percent living an urban lifestyle already. But how will this shift affect the way we co-exist?

dreizeit: Contemporary Green Living

Any idea as to the best strategy for anyone looking to have it all as they face the struggle of the work-life balance? It’s all about adopting a three-pronged approach: an urban setting, a hint of green, and timeless architecture

Living 2.0

We all know that hardware and software need the occasional update. Well, it’s just as important that we revisit our concept of living every so often to ensure that all of our needs are being met. We’ve already found a long-term answer in the invention of flexware. 

We Build a City

Think megastructures, the Walking City, and the Superstar city on the moon. The allmyhomes vision takes people as its starting point rather than individual residential buildings. 

A New Lease of Life

We are all getting older. And as we age, our lives keep on getting better. The spotlight is on the Golden Ager target group, who want to keep making independent decisions at their age, live their lives to the fullest, and shape them as they go.