Allmyhomes has joined forces with Schimpel & Winter to work on a project in the up-and-coming Gallus district in Frankfurt. The development reflects the diversity and fresh buzz in the neighborhood while cleverly combining exciting ways of living in an urban setting.

 Located right in the center of Frankfurt, the Gallus district has grown organically and is currently undergoing a revival that many didn’t see coming. What used to be a working area is evolving into a cultural hotspot,
with little historical theaters and quaint buildings dating back to the 19th century standing alongside the brand-new Europacity and its vast parks, playgrounds, daycare centers, and restaurants. And the community in Gallus is becoming more vibrant all the time. Lots of old industrial and commercial premises are being renovated and turned into residential properties.


An Evolving Working Area

 This is the case for the “Wings” project being run by allmyhomes. The former BMW site right next to the historical Adler factory and Galluswarte train station spans a total living space of 8600 square meters, providing enough room for 239 new apartments. Concierge and cleaning services are available to all residents along with a range of other premium services and features. The varied residential units are all fully accessible and there are plenty of community spaces, such as a vitality and fitness space and a rooftop lounge, which are sure to create a friendly neighborhood feel. What’s more, there’s private gardens, terraces, loggias, and a huge shared outdoor space that is carefully arranged in line with the principles of feng shui.


A Balance of Community and Privacy

 Water features, seating, and shady trees create a new urban space that residents can use in addition to their own private areas. The inside-out architectural design means that residents can enjoy a balanced lifestyle in an urban setting with excellent transport links. There are 345 compact service apartments in “studiomuc” right next to this lovely neighborhood in one of the parts of the “Wings” project. Investors can take advantage of the fantastic full landlord service provided by SWI for the target group of commuters, digital nomads, expats, and people traveling on business. Residents can expect a beautiful finish, stunning interior design, and premium appliances from top brands. These temporary living solutions make for a real home from home – nestled nicely in a really friendly neighborhood. This combination of different living situations and ways of using space is redefining urban life. Could there be a better setting than a thriving neighborhood on a journey of rediscovery?