By the year 2050, two thirds of people will be living in towns and cities. This already applies to over half of us, with 55 percent living an urban lifestyle already. But how will this shift affect the way we co-exist? How can we combine our need for mobility in our lives with our yearning for privacy? Allmyhomes has partnered up with project developer SWI Schimpel & Winter to come up with a revolutionary answer to these questions.

 More and more people are moving to towns and cities. And many of them are going it alone. In Germany, more than 41 percent of households have a single occupant. This figure jumps to over half in the big cities. And yet our world is more connected and mobile than ever, with more people traveling than ever. In Munich alone, there were some 17 million overnight stays in 2018. That’s up 9.3% on the year before. There simply isn’t much living space available. And that’s the case in the megacities and metropolitan regions like Munich, and beyond. The requirements that apply to public and private spaces are more diverse than ever before.


The R.evo, Iconic Serviced Apartments project accounts for the needs and living situations of tomorrow, neatly bringing them all together in a landmark building right in the center of Munich. Spaces are provided for all kinds of purposes here, including temporary private residences, a hotel, and co-working and meeting spaces. And the privately owned spaces are stripped back to the basics, with all 602 apartments featuring multi-modular, highly functional interior design that has been implemented with due care and attention. 


R.evo offers so much more than the incredible features of the individual spaces. Residents can eat in their own kitchens or at one of the food stations offering fresh and fun street food. Plus, there are massive communal areas on site and the transport options have been well thought through. Residents can make use of the parking garage, shared cars, electronic bikes, and the Munich public transport system. There is even a direct link to the main train station right on the doorstep. On top of the clever use of space, a laundry service, housekeeping, and 24/7 concierge service can be booked digitally. It’s just like living in a fancy hotel. 


R.evo is the solution for anyone looking for a seamless life that is as simple as possible and stripped back to the basics, with processes for day-to-day arrangements being cleverly interlinked and the perfect balance between privacy and community being achieved.