HOCH DER ISAR is a complex in Munich that has so much more to offer than just owner-occupied apartments. Think collector’s items. Rare and precious relics. Unique pieces. This is a place where residents live in style. allmyhomes and Becken are proud to present the very best in architecture and living standards.


The architecture is exquisite, the living solutions are diverse, and the view is stunning. Standing high above Munich is one of the country’s most exclusive new-build projects. A complex of 13 buildings all in a row. Each clearly numbered. Each with its own unique architectural style. International architecture firms Rapp + Rapp, su und z Architekten, and Holger Meyer Architektur are to thank for making the complex stand out from the crowd with its eclectic mix of fascinating fronts. Different heights, shapes, styles, and materials line the street by Regerpark. There is no doubt that each building in the complex has its own original character. And the same can be said for every apartment. With city studios, spacious town and garden residences, and penthouses offering breathtaking views of Munich’s skyline, urban living has been given a brand-new twist here. The special-edition styling inside adds to this vibe with exclusive interior design concepts and color schemes. The ambiance in each apartment is so unique that HOCH DER ISAR is sure to be home sweet home for true connoisseurs and collectors on the lookout for that special something and with a penchant for seizing one-off opportunities that aren’t to be missed.

Masterful Masterpieces

Who knew a living space could be a work of art? This concept is the heart of the allymhomes market strategy, putting the print and online appearance for HOCH DER ISAR head and shoulders above the rest. You would expect nothing less for a project being the one of its kind. Each of the 13 buildings is presented like a masterpiece in an art gallery in the form of a picture with a mount, edition number and title, and its own exhibition catalog. Aspects of the exquisite interior design are even lovingly curated and published as perfect works of art in a style book. An exclusive art campaign makes for another highlight, with one-off works of art being created as brochure covers. There are, of course, 13 of them to match the number of buildings. The website and trailers are also based around the idea of a masterpiece being created, offering a closer look at a general passion for collecting and the art of the logo with an outstanding artistic performance by Becken’s brand ambassador, Nina Binné, in particular.


HOCH DER ISAR transforms owner-occupied apartments into collector’s items. This fits in perfectly with the aspirations of potential buyers and is an effective strategy for making this lavishly luxurious project even more attractive. After all, high-end architecture and design requires sales strategies that are on another level.