In companies with a positive culture, every employee is able to develop on a personal and professional level. Allmyhomes is constantly developing as a company too. And we believe that you are the key to our progress here since you actively influence our goals for the way in which we work together.



We set high standards for ourselves and the quality we deliver because we want to work to the best of our ability on behalf of our customers. If you have any suggestions for ways to optimize our processes and quality even further, we will be delighted to receive your input. Don’t ever forget that we are a flexible and inquisitive start-up. You will be able to be proactive in taking on responsibility from an early stage and can rely on colleagues who are always willing to listen. Not to mention that we organize no end of opportunities and events for sharing knowledge internally, guaranteeing you the perfect balance between learning by doing and theoretical input.


 Room for You to Be You

 Our workforce is made up of people from 25 different countries, with a mix of genders and ages represented. Our staff come from a wide range of professional, cultural, and personal backgrounds. We firmly believe that diversity on this scale is one of the key tools when it comes to producing top-quality work across departments. For us, everyone should demonstrate respect, honesty, and openness when working with others. It is also important to us that our employees are genuine. 


Unique characters and personalities are what makes our teams so special. After all, authenticity is the secret to all creativity. We just ask for everyone to be themselves. We don’t even have a dress code. So go ahead and wear jazzy socks if that’s what it takes for you to achieve better results.


You’re the expert. And that’s why you are responsible for your area and have the flexibility you need. We believe in promoting a culture that allows each individual to develop and contribute. The result is that we
can all broaden our horizons.         


Our passion for architecture also leads us to consider new spatial concepts for our own place of work that inspire creativity and give all of our employees the flexibility to develop in the way that’s right for them.

Large, Modern Office

Allmyhomes HQ is based in the historical Victoria Lofts right in the center of Berlin’s Friedrichshain district, just a stone’s throw away from the Ostkreuz S-Bahn station.


Open Space

We have a smart mix of open-plan office spaces, break out areas, and workstation clusters for ultimate flexibility at work.


Sports and Recreation Room

Our sports room is the location for sports and health courses that are held on a regular basis, but you can also just go there at any point to relax, practice your sun salutation, climb the wall bars, or give the punch bag a beating.


Large, Modern Kitchens

Our kitchens are home to tasty specialty coffee drinks, a muesli buffet, and a fresh delivery of crunchy fruit several times a week. There is a Jura coffee machine and water cooler in each of our kitchens. Head to the first floor to enjoy delicious light lunches and other refreshments in our café.