Any idea as to the best strategy for anyone looking to have it all as they face
the struggle of the work-life balance? It’s all about adopting a three-pronged approach: an urban setting, a hint of green, and timeless architecture. Allmyhomes and Consus have created the perfect haven in Stuttgart – “dreizeit” brings the city and nature together in perfect harmony. 


dreizeit – Living at the Villa Berg: Three progressive urban villas prove just how green city living can be. In today’s modern society, we need to get our balance of work, home life, and social life under control. To do this, we need to live somewhere that caters to this three-pronged approach to life. The Stuttgart Berg district is now home to a residential complex that supports the idea of the home as a place to retreat to. The project’s exclusive location right by the park is perfect for anyone who wants to be close to the city yet craves peace and quiet. We can’t forget that self-balance, mindfulness, and a holistic lifestyle are the megatrends of the moment when it comes to people managing expectations surrounding their own quality of life. They want
to live somewhere exciting and inspiring yet long to retreat into their own private space. 


The Perfect Balance of City Living, Nature, and Architecture

Stuttgart has everything you would expect of a big city: plenty of history, a government base, universities, a diverse arts and culture scene, and lots of cafés and restaurants providing a nice setting for a chat. But it is mainly all the parks in Stuttgart that give its residents such a high quality of life. They run through the city like a green ribbon, which, if followed, finishes up around the legendary Villa Berg. The former summer residence of the Kings of Württemberg is nestled in a lush green haven covering 24 hectares, where time almost stands still and relaxation comes naturally. Beautiful old trees and gardens full of flowers look stunning throughout the year, giving the Berg district its own identity and providing dreizeit residents with
a neighborhood in a million.


The three new urban villas fit perfectly into the surroundings. In fact, it almost seems as though they are interacting with the park. That just goes to show how exceptional the quality of the architecture is here. The complex boasts a subtle, almost organic style, incorporating the look of the Villa Berg park, which resembles an English garden with its far from strict approach to planting and lack of rectilinear patterns. With practical balconies and large windows, all of the apartments are angled toward the corners of the building and offer generous views across the sea of green. The sophisticated architecture even continues inside the owner-occupied apartments. The interior design is natural, with a focus on privacy and high-quality materials for
an exclusive homely feel that is timeless and yet modern at the same time. 


Welcome to dreizeit – the perfect place to live life to the fullest!