The term “ecosystem” is used to describe a biological community of organisms from different species in one environment. All of the elements in an ecosystem interact with one another in interdependent relationships. The same can be said for the interconnected components of the allmyhomes ecosystem.


In the digitalized real estate sector, it is important that individual process steps are linked together.
The common goal of all stakeholders is to create tailored solutions and products targeted at the specific
target groups with a view to improving the quality of life. This is where allmyhomes comes in with its integrated platform, boasting efficiency and transparency. This is a one-stop shop for the development and marketing involved with real estate projects.


The software platform amalgamates the entire process, including the creation, marketing, and sales aspects
of real estate projects. While the natural version involves organization on the basis of an invisible system, the allmyhomes platform works around real-time data analyses and knowledge relating to specific target groups and product features. Direct access to all of the relevant key figures, with absolute transparency guaranteed at all times, enables accurate, anticipatory controlling to be performed on behalf of customers using software before and during the sales stage. All campaigns come about as the result of validated concepts and they are continually being optimized. A network of suitable sales partners is also selected for every project and every target group to ensure optimum positioning on the market. 


The agile interaction of all factors on one platform, the constant exchange and comparison of data and information, generates and qualifies leads via all channels – on national and international markets. And it doesn’t just stop at cleverly interconnected processes and stakeholders. The allmyhomes ecosystem is
smart and constantly developing too, speeding up the evolution of real estate marketing with every project.