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Living 2.0

Shift in Ways of Living

We all know that hardware and software need the occasional update. Well, it’s just as important that we revisit our concept of living every so often to ensure that all of our needs are being met. We’ve already found...

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City, Village, Both

Combining the best of both worlds and redefining life in tomorrow’s world.

The key to the good life isn’t waiting in the countryside or in the city. In fact, the quality of life is at its finest when the two settings are blended together. The urban village has been the dream...

A New Lease of Life

Golden Ager Trend Target Group

We are all getting older. And as we age, our lives keep on getting better. The spotlight is on the Golden Ager target group, who want to keep making independent decisions at their age, live their lives to the...

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Progressive Provinces

Successfully into the future

There are many village communities that are successfully sniffing out future trends while breathing in all that fresh air. Somewhere between farming land and the horizon, broadband cables and wind power, exciting new ways of life are being born....

Off to the Countryside

The alternatives are then Uckermark, Odenwald or Schwäbische Alp. The run on life in the big cities is thus followed by the urbanization of the villages - especially those that can be reached within 90 minutes from the nearest...