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Fresh Insights Based on an End-to-End Data Platform

Imagine knowing for sure what buyers are looking for... By using insights along the entire value-added chain – from the initial design to the sale of a new build – and cleverly combining data, allmyhomes can make accurate predictions. 

Road Mapping as a Team Game

Powerful tool for optimized processes

There is no end of approaches and philosophies when it comes to software development. As a proptech platform, allmyhomes works on the basis of target-driven roadmaps across teams to create highly functional software solutions that cover the entire life...

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Tech Stacks

Microservice Architecture Fit for the Future

A company’s tech stack can have a huge impact. Evolvability is an essential factor here alongside security, legal aspects, resources, and performance.


Making Sense of Small Data/The Potential of Small Data

A fundamental understanding of the real estate industry

Within the real estate sector, the way data is collected and used is nothing like it is, say, in the world of e-commerce. We explain how allmyhomes gains insights and uses them for excellent experiences.

Domain-Driven Design


How do you go about creating good software? There are so many approaches and models out there. And that’s why here at allmyhomes we decided to follow the domain-driven design (DDD) approach, with the plan to roll it out...

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API Contracts and Contract Testing

Standards for Testing Microservices

How the quality of features can be improved and the susceptibility to errors can be reduced through automated testing, and why the OpenAPI standard is a good option for distributed microservices.