Interview with Florian Frey

What distinguishes allmyhomes from other distributors and brokers?

allmyhomes is a full-service platform for the data-based development and marketing of condominiums; this means that our range of services goes far beyond that of a sales agent. If, for example, a project developer develops a plot of land, we provide him with a basis for deciding, based on real-time data, for which target groups which apartments should be built there. This is because each target group has different needs in terms of fittings and apartment sections. This knowledge about the optimal product can be integrated into project planning and the sales and marketing concept at an early stage.


And this is exactly where the difference lies: we do not rely on a gut feeling or data from the past, but use real time data. On this basis, we generate prospective buyers who we pass on to sales organisations connected to our platform. During the entire sales period, all data and sales activities run via our allmyhomes platform. Thus, we provide our clients with absolute transparency about the marketing and sales process, can optimize it at any time based on data and ensure that we achieve the best price for the residential units. This usually means: the highest price that can be achieved within the given sales time. This gives the project developer full control and an overview of the otherwise opaque sales process at all times.
Thanks to our commission-based model, the project developer is spared the otherwise so high expenses for marketing before the start of sales. We are in the same boat as the project developer, because we only earn money when the first residential unit is sold.

Which data sources do you use as a basis?

We collect real-time data via our platform. Important sources for our analyses are the search queries and search behaviour for the 3,000 apartments that we already have in marketing nationwide. We track the interested parties from the first contact request to the sale of the apartment and therefore know where potential buyers are hesitating or even dropping out and where we need to make adjustments in terms of product and marketing. Added to this is our MarketCheck, for which we have access to a very broad base of publicly available data. The result is a reliable basis for decision making for property developers, including the presentation of the appropriate product concept and the ideal price. Regardless of whether the project is already in the planning stage or not.

What are the most important value levers?

We have the greatest added value when we create the best match between buyer and property for sale. We find not only the potential buyers, but the buyers who are willing to pay the best price for a property. On the one hand, we achieve this by creating desire and adding value to project concepts through our marketing activities. Through tailor-made marketing we address in particular those potential buyers who are not consciously looking for a property. On the other hand, through our data-driven campaign management, we find the ideal property seeker in terms of price and product design, also depending on whether it is a capital investment or an apartment for self-use. On the basis of our analyses, we also sharpen the target groups in order to achieve a better overall marketing result.

When should I come to allmyhomes with my project?

“It is best to come as early as possible. From the moment you consider building apartments on a certain plot of land. From then on we can support you in developing the ideal project concept. But even if you have already completed the project planning and the marketing is prepared, allmyhomes is the partner through whom you can generate the most likely best price for your project.”