The idyllic ambiance of a village, the vibrant buzz of a city, the closeness of a tight-knit community, the modernity of a metropolitan area. Is there a way of bringing all of these aspects together in one exceptional location? Allmyhomes has joined forces with developers Consus Real Estate AG on the auers brewing site project that promises to redefine the standards for the way in which we
co-exist today and tomorrow. 


Germany’s Seven Big Cities Make Way for a Romantic Rural Setting


Passau is not an immediate contender for an urban experiment to research new forms of cohabitation. Off the beaten track, away from the top real estate locations in Germany (known as the Big Seven), this city with three rivers is nestled in an idyllic spot in among the gently rolling hills. Surrounded by Bavarian forest, the city is a hidden gem in the region of Lower Bavaria. Despite its romantic rural setting, the city is a melting
pot in constant growth and a major business hub. A quarter of all inhabitants of Passau are students, giving the city a vibrant, cosmopolitan vibe.


Moving away from the classic choices for investments is still not the done thing within the industry. And yet there is hidden potential and high returns here. An area of some 21,500 m2 could be used for the project, which would be unheard of in other locations. 


0Setting Standards for Future Cohabitation


Cue the revival of a former brewery on the historical site. The closed-off quarter is home to five buildings, including three residential buildings and one hotel. These buildings surround the “Dorfplatz” square in the car-free complex. Taking its name from the Brauerei Peschl brewery, the “Peschl-Platz” square is the perfect place for a chat. There are also several little courtyards, with nods to days gone by everywhere. 


This project sees allmyhomes following a trend. Right now, there is a revived love of all things local, with traditional dress, pretzels, and gingerbread hearts seeing a surge of nostalgic and ironic popularity as cult items. People are falling back on old traditions and giving them a new twist to create new customs and rituals that ultimately end up becoming traditions in their own right. The brewing sites are so much more than a respectful homage, paving the way for the future. The ultra-modern architecture and fittings in the apartments are a sign of future living. The project features open floor plans, a view of the great outdoors, light and airy loggias and balconies, and intuitively smart home automation solutions. All of the residents’ needs are catered for nearby thanks to a daycare center, small businesses, restaurants, and a little service area, which give the neighborhood that village feel with everything nearby and convenient. The 82 apartments are different sizes, attracting a diverse and vibrant community of people who are always happy to stop for a chat. A brand-new village right at the heart of Passau.