Is it possible to respect a place’s identity while adding new elements to create a new direction all of its own? allmyhomes has joined forces with pwr development GmbH to develop five distinctive residential brands for the new urban space AM TACHELES, working with prestigious architects Herzog & de Meuron, Brandlhuber+, Petzet, and Grüntuch Ernst to start a new chapter for one truly unique area.  


An extraordinary space for high-end living, working, shopping, art, and culture is being created at the heart of Berlin. AM TACHELES is set to become a new hotspot. A cosmopolitan corner of the city designed in line with the architectural stylings of Pritzker Architecture Prize winners Herzog & de Meuron, developed with residential brands, and sold by allmyhomes. At the brand development stage, all kinds of questions had to be addressed as a team… What makes an urban space vibrant and attractive? How do you entice more people to an area and which features will prove to be invaluable later down the line at the marketing stage? And how can you tie the history of a place into its future? The answers to these questions are encapsulated on a plot of around 23,346 square meters that is home to eleven buildings and three public squares. 


The wide range of intertwining uses and leafy green squares, courtyards, and pathways will give this architectural flagship project its unique character. The wide-ranging urban development concept reflects the history of the area yet gives it an exciting new twist. 


A stroll down Berlin’s memory lane


Even the sales strategy has been kicked off with a bang. The illustrated book ‘AFTER NOW’ takes things back to the very beginning. With a focus on the people and their stories. It captures the essence of the area and portrays its vision perfectly. ‘AFTER NOW’ is a travel guide taking the reader on a journey through the city center, showcasing real people from Berlin, telling stories that would otherwise have been forgotten, and revealing the exciting new future of AM TACHELES. 


Soon, Berlin will be able to cross the identity-defining passage between Friedrichsstraße and Oranienburger Straße once more, as AM TACHELES boldly invites the city to interact and celebrate art, culture, and life itself on this spot again. Bernsteinplatz is set to become one of the largest squares in Berlin’s Mitte district. Offices, studios, shops, and restaurants will line the public squares here. The wide-ranging urban development concept captures the essence of Berlin. And sets the scene for a stroll. Perhaps along the lovingly restored front of the former Kunsthaus Tacheles, which still stands proud – albeit with a few new additions. And the Fotografiska photography museum provides the perfect setting for exhibitions and events to be held in the old Kunsthaus Tacheles once again. 


Five new faces 


Five distinctive residential buildings and brands aimed at different target groups are being brought to life under the AM TACHELES umbrella brand, having been developed on the basis of extensive research into those groups being targeted. Different apartment types catering to a range of requirements take high-end living in Berlin to a whole new level. Inspired by strong product differentiation, the brands have been designed to reflect people looking for a product with personality that speaks to them. JOUX is extroverted, FRAME is open and creative, FORM3 is minimalist and timeless, ORO makes a statement, and VERT oozes late 19th century charm. 


Through FORM3, VERT, FRAME, ORO, and JOUX, AM TACHELES reflects five faces of the capital, five chapters in history, and five aspects of high-end living. The diversified branding and sales strategy deployed by allmyhomes is ideal for a product that is so excitingly varied and diverse as the city itself.



ORO – Coming soon

FRAME – Coming soon