We are all getting older. And as we age, our lives keep on getting better. The spotlight is on the Golden Ager target group, who want to keep making independent decisions at their age, live their lives to the fullest, and shape them as they go. It’s time to talk about a target group that is often underestimated!


By the year 2060, over half of the German population will be over the age of 50. This aging society phenomenon can be seen the world over and is set to change and affect all areas of life. The target group
in question has sufficient funds: By their own account, Golden Agers in Germany planned to spend around EUR 248 billion in 2018 (including 47 billion on real estate for their own use). We are constantly seeing concepts of living at this age diversify as you may imagine. It has been some time since this sprightly target group has been happy to stay at a nursing home indefinitely. Popular alternatives include multi-generational living, living with others in the family home (house or apartment), and collective living in a retirement
village or resort.

Trend-Aware Target Group with a Thirst for New Experiences

These days, Golden Agers have an open and keen approach to new trends. This means that more and more people in this target group can see themselves moving house again. And this is all the more likely if the
new location better caters to their changing needs as they age or means a major change in the quality of care or social interaction. Sadly, loneliness is commonplace among Golden Agers. Around a third of people who answered the German Age Survey (DEAS) in February 2014 admitted “(…) that they would say they feel lonely at least some of the time.” And yet this active target group is by no means just made up of isolated pensioners. 

Empty Nest, Full Life

More and more couples and singletons are discovering “a life after children” once they hit 60. They start to fulfill their cultural, creative, and spiritual needs, embark upon new careers, and throw themselves into new hobbies. This is more about personal development and fulfillment rather than having anything to do with standing out from the crowd. This group is obviously also influenced by a wide range of backgrounds and life circumstances, which need to be dealt with sensitively when addressing this target group. 

Whichever way you look at it, almost all people of a certain age are searching for new concepts and ideas.
The traditional nursing home is a nightmare for many, who see it as heaven’s waiting room. For lots of Golden Agers, their family home has been too big for some time. It is likely that they struggle to manage the household and keep it clean. The option of spending those retirement years abroad is ruled out for more
and more senior citizens owing to the costs involved among other things. Developing attractive solutions for all ages is one of the major challenges set to face the entire industry over the years to come.