Middle-class culture has long been a tradition in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg. The “54 Urban Penthouses” project is now bringing things into the modern day. Allmyhomes has joined forces with Cavere Estate to offer five penthouses in a magnificent 19th century building, demonstrating what’s it’s like to live at the top.


Charlottenburg residents love the reliable atmosphere of a neighborhood that has evolved as well as the vibrant urban lifestyle. This district of Berlin has seen a real upsurge in popularity in recent years. Charlottenburg has somehow managed to reinvent itself yet keep hold of its virtues. A cosmopolitan blend of high culture, haute cuisine, and haute couture has above all been instrumental in giving the area surrounding busy shopping street Kurfürstendamm a fresh sprinkling of sparkle, giving it a major boost in its unique attraction. At Charlottenburg Palace, visitors can experience an original piece of Berlin, which has maintained its nonchalant tranquility and sense of community among neighbors. 



Timeless Modernity


The penthouses in the “54 Urban Penthouses” project can be found right in the middle of the district, bringing together tasteful tradition, genuine day-to-day life, and ultra-modern ways of living in perfect harmony. At Spandauer Damm 54, stunning 19th-century architecture is topped off with a modern attic conversion. The newly added floor fits in perfectly with the historical base, which is being fully revamped in 2019 along with the outdoor spaces. It goes without saying that energy standards suitable for future requirements are in place, with environmental sustainability and personal convenience alike being catered to.


The penthouses feature an impressively beautiful view of the city. Three massive, quiet courtyards scattered with old trees offer a great deal of privacy, which can even be enjoyed from the loggias at the courtyard edge. The apartments cover a floor space of around 95 or 176 m², offering the level of quality to be expected from sought-after older buildings thanks in part to the high ceiling heights of up to 3.10 meters. This sense of space and openness is only topped by the two extra rooftop terraces, where there is a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of Berlin and sunlight all day long.


The “54 Urban Penthouses” project is all about being able to see the urban setting that is just a stone’s throw away but still being able to enjoy a sense of tradition and indulge in a quiet and calm ambiance.